Jealous husband sets wife on fire for posting facebook selfies

Conjugal bliss turns into fiery anguish as a Jealous husband set his wife on fire for posting selfies on Facebook. 
Jealous husband sets his wife on fire for facebook selfies
The Shockingly gruesome images the young woman before and after the incident has emerged. Her face which literally melted off after her husband doused her in petrol then set her on fire is heartbreaking to see. 

Chatchawarn Tarrin, 28, had been married to secretly violent Nednapha Nuankhu, 26, since January last year but he became possessive and abusive just months into the marriage.

Ferocious and heartless as he ruined her for life. His attack came after she posted three pictures on Facebook in December.

Her escape attempt failed. The mother-of-one tried to flee but Chatchawarn allegedly poured fuel on her then set her alight at their home in Amphoe Chiang Kham, northern Thailand.

In the fiery bout of domestic violence Nednapha suffered a melted face and horrific burns across her entire body. She needed three emergency operations and several more in the coming months.

Strangely, the 26-year-old has said she forgives her husband, who is awaiting sentencing, because she does not want their son to be affected by the horrible incident.
Man sets his wife on fire for posting selfies
The couple on their wedding day 
No word yet on how long the attacker will be jailed. According to a spokesman: ‘This was a conjugal issue and it is currently being investigated so we can give the correct sentence.’
Short of money for her rising medical expenses, a Friend took pictures of Nednapha to raise money for her medical care for bandages and treatment for the wounds including a skin graft operations.

She said: ‘Nednapha had oil poured on her by her husband. She survived it but she is in a lot of pain and needs a lot of medical help.

The tragic couple had been married for a year before the attack. They have one child together.
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