Murder; Man in India murders 14 of his own family

- 2/28/2016

Man murders 14 members of his own family in Mumbai, India

 Man kills family

A terrible and shocking tragedy occurred in India recently. 
A man has killed his own family in a seemingly unprovoked  Murder in Mumbai India

It is usually said that it's difficult to really and deeply know a man, no matter how long you've known him or how close you are.
That is why the killer was able to take his family by surprise. Even though He planned and killed several members of his own family right inside his home—they never guessed at any foul play until it was too late.

The 35 year old man who worked as an accountant in Mumbai, carried out this shocking act during dinner time.

Hasnin Warekar's family members had converged at his home to have dinner  together when he locked the doors, and somehow succeeded in lacing their food with sedatives. Brandishing a big knife, he cut each of their throats, murdering them while they were unconscious and then killing himself. The knife was later discovered beside his body.

Among his victims were his 55 year old father, his two sisters and six of his sister's children. He also murdered his own 3 month old daughter.

The screams of a third sister of his was what alterted the neighbors. She was lucky; she was the only one who survived the attack.
Police are at a loss as to what prompted the obviously premeditated attack which began in the wee hours of sunday morning behind bolted doors.

His surviving sister is admitted at the city hospital were she in deep shock.

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