P- square gossip; The break up of Peter and Paul Okoye

- 2/19/2016

P-suare breakup rumours

Psquare are one of the biggest names in Nigerian music today.

Psquare gossip and news

Their rumored breakup has taken Nigerians by surprise. This particular bit of P-square breakup gossip has been buzzing from every media outlet around the country and beyond. This media frenzy is no mere rumour or speculation.
This is the fact; There is turmoil in p-square camp. And this bit of trouble is moving with the intensity of a hurricane; fierce and unstoppable, and invariably scary for their millions of fans. Is this the end of the dazzling dance steps, irresistible lyrics and hypnotic beats from the majestic pop duo P- square? "Personally" I think we should give them a break.

This fantastic hard working duo have wormed their way over the decades into the hearts of Nigerians and non Nigerian music lovers. Having established a mammoth music career, it is not coming as a surprise that at the pinnacle of success, the roots start to get shaky.

Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye (p-square) are human; period. And yet as public figures who are responsible for a large chunk of the growth, beauty and flamboyance the Nigerian music industry has experienced in the last decade, it is not far fetched to assume or even expect them to sometimes appear a little more than human; Mega stars? Icons?
P-square gossip split
Musically they have been very consistent and have provided us with some of the most memorable music videos ever seen on the Nigerian Music scene.

Do Nigerians want to see these musical twins go their separate ways after so many years? The answer is an emphatic no. But while we are lamenting and struggling to understand the reasons behind this most recent P-square gossip, we should bear two things in mind; They are not the first popular music duo to split in popular music history. And secondly, they are blood brothers by birth and even if they split musically, there isn't much they can do about splitting biologically. In a sense, I think

we should indeed respect their wishes and reasons. ( Its been said that the real trouble is their manager/brother Jude)And accept whatever decision they finally arrive at. Sure we'll miss them if they split, but thankfully they have given us so much to remember them by for years to come.

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Peter Okoye goes away...
But the fans of this great Naira group can now take a deep breath of relief , as the popular musical twins are still performing together and recording music together.

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