Revealed; secret behind Kim Kardashian's fashion and style

- 2/21/2016

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian's style secret revealed

kim kardashian fashion
Kim Kardashian is known as a style icon and a fashion inspiration to millions of women around the globe. But a new twist in her fashion story is non other than her hiphop star husband kanye west. It might come as a bit of a shocker to some that the Kim Kardashian's fashion and style inspiration or Fashion guardian angel if you like, is her hubby Kanye west himself.

In a recent interview with CNN, the poker faced reality TV star let it out that Kanye is the real reason her style has gone up another level. An obvious transformation that has showered even more media attention on the already media soaked Kim. It shows an unexpected and subtle side to the celebrated couple's relationship. And a big Kudos to Kim for being open about this on international television. Not many other female style Icons and stars can attribute their celebrated  sense of style to a male partner's influence. After all the better Kim looks, the more money she makes.

Inspite of a number of wardrobe malfunctions and fashion flops in the past, the 35 year old star of keeping up with the
Kardashians has firmly established herself as  a bona fide fashion goddess amongst a formidable group of style queens. To discover that the often outspoken Kanye is primarily behind this transformation, is a marvel for sure.

Her sense of style is unquestionable. Even her pregnancy pics are something special. She has had many memorable outfits on the red carpet and inspite of other notable stars with consistently unique sense of style,Kim Kardashians fashion and style always tend to stand out. And this is not just because of her curvaceous figure.

Thanks to Kanye, Kim may be adorning many more memorable outfits for some years to come. Keep keeping up with Kanye, Mrs. West; you're looking better for it.


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