Swedish medical doctor sentenced to 10 years in prison for kidnapping woman

- 2/23/2016

Swedish doctor sentenced for kidnapping woman

doctor kidnaps woman

 Swedish doctor sentenced to prison  for a decade for kidnapping  woman and holding her in a prearranged bunker for a week.

The doctor; Martin Peter Trenneborg 38, confessed to abducting the woman, but stated that he didn't rape her. A charge for which he was acquitted after insufficient evidence to prove otherwise.
His plan before he was discovered, was to hold her for years in the bunker located at his residence.

He planned to hold her there as his girlfriend.
The doctor was able to abduct his victim by offering her strawberries dipped in chocolate and laced with rohypnol; a drug used as a sedative and muscle relaxant, after which he kidnapped her and took her to the bunker which he had carefully prepared for the purpose.

Apart from the 10 year sentence, Trenneborg was also ordered to pay a substantial amount of money to the victim for damages suffered.

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