7 Scariest Movies Ever: top Hollywood horror movies list

- 3/02/2016
Scariest Hollywood horror movies list
Its amazing how a good scare can actually make your day. And there is no better way to scare the hairs off you than sitting down to a well made scary movie.

And what better way to achieve this than with the scariest movies ever made.

Our love affair with horror movies can be summed up in four words; "thrilled to be terrified."
The heart racing and spine tingling appeal can often feel hypnotic.And that's why the following 7 movies on this list are the top 7 scariest movies ever.

Several scary movies over the past years have been able to transport us to a world of horror so tangible, that we tend to get concerned about every dark shadow around us, or feel unsettled by every stretch of silence we experience.

I will begin with number 7. And just remember; no matter how scary it gets, its only a movie.

Top 7 scariest horror movies of all time

7. The Blair Witch project: A gripping movie that became a landmark in the history of Hollywood horror movies.

Three students head into a small town in Maryland US to shoot a film documentary about a curse; they vanish without a trace and are never seen again. Until one year later their terrifying film footage is found.

Every thing about the making of the Blair witch project was weird and truly terrifying. From the mind blowing fact that it was made in just six days, to the fact that it was filmed in a never before seen style of movie making, where the camera appears to be hand held and swaying with every motion of the camera man.

horror movie
Scariest Horror movies ever made
The rumour that this masterpiece was a true life story also added to its public appeal.
The movie scared the doubts out of millions of people( myself included) and became one of the scariest movies of all time,on its way to box office success.

6. The Ring: The ring is pure terror unleashed through a videotape and the silver screen of a television set. 
Play the video tape and a Footage of an old well springs to your screen. 

The scenery is scary enough, but its the dead girl who crawls out of the well, her pasty skin dripping with never drying water, that makes your heart skip a beat.
And the dead girl's hair; that long unkempt hair that obscures a face so evil, so horrifying that the sight of it literally kills the watcher of the video, after she has crawled from the well,through the TV screen, and into your living room.

5. Carrie: One of the most hypnotic, absorbing and terrifying Hollywood horror movies. Carrie, shot in 1976, is unforgettable.

A flawless performance by Sissy Spacek as a shy and socially inept high school student who is forced into unleashing her power of telekenisis to utter destruction by her bullying classmates and her religiously insane mother. The results are devastating.

Scariest Hollywood horror movies
Top Hollywood Horror movies

4. The Shining: Movie director Stanley Kubrick working with Horror writer Stephen King's bestseller novel "The Shining" and with the Jack Nicholson as the lead, made for an explosive horror classic that still sends chills up the spines of those who see it even today.

3. The Exorcist: One of the most controversial and unsettling hollywood horror movies based on a truelife story.

The impact of this movie was unprecedented in the horror genre.
 Regan a 12 year old girl becomes possessed by destructive and obscene evil spirits determined to keep her body and mind under their control.

And just as the faith and fate of the Catholic priests called by Regan's family to exorcise the girl are tested to the limit by the nerve wracking fight of the evil spirits, so have audiences been tested over the years by this thought provoking masterpiece of horror.

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2. The Evil Dead: A group of fun loving teenagers soon learn that there are certain things better left alone, when a weekend trip to a strange log cabin deep in the woods becomes a fight of life and death. 

The teenagers foolishly dabble in a "book of the dead" which causes the awakening of the dead all around the woods, trapping the horrified teenagers in the cabin's death grip.

1. The Omen: Everything  from the soundtrack to the name and everything else in between, The Omen
Packs more horror in every scene than 10 horror movies put together.

Childless American ambassador Robert Thorn and his wife adopt a sweet looking child who turns out to be the son of Satan himself.

This movie scared me for years and still remains on my list of scariest  movies of all time.

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