Psquare news: Peter and Paul Okoye are reunited

- 3/22/2016

Psquare breaking news: brothers apologize to fans before Netherlands tour

Psquare Peter and Paul come back together

Psquare is Back.

Yes! Peter and Paul Okoye reunited . The Nigerian music superstar twins are back, and they are even going to perform together in the Netherlands.

This time its for real;  Psquare have reconciled.

The messy quarrel between Psquare's  Peter and Paul Okoye and  their manager/brother Jude Okoye,
had saddened the hearts of many Nigerian music fans.

For several tense weeks of the only psquare news that Nigerians could get was that of the occasionally childish conflict between the trio. It seemed to many music lovers that Nigerian music will never be the same without the popular RnB duo.

But it seems like the brothers have finally come to their senses.
Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye have resolved their quarrel and recently took to their different social networks and posted similar messages.

Saying that it took their stupidity to realize that family comes first.

They apologized to their fans and confirmed that they are one and not two.

Although Peter of Psquare is not entirely abandoning his new solo career, he and Paul are still definitely "Psquare"

Peter Okoye also went further to say that he and Paul will be performing at the Pal Mundo festival in the Netherlands.

Psquare rocks again! Wahala dey!

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