Purpose world tour:Justin Bieber misspells word on $40 T-shirts

- 3/13/2016

Purpose world tour T-shirt error: Justin Bieber sells misspelled concert T-shirts at tour

Justin Beiber purpose world tour T-shirts

Canadian Pop star Justin Bieber Kicked off his highly anticipated "purpose world tour" to wild reviews, but yesterday, something else apart from the music, grabbed public attention.
It was clear that the Justin Beiber world tour had made a huge mistake.
The $40 T-shirts sold to fans attending the concert carried a misspelled word.

Bieber borrowed the t-shirt inscription from a bible verse; proverbs 19:21. It read; "Many are the plans in a man's heart but it is God's "purose"  that prevails."
The word "purpose" had been misspelled.

       What do yo mean Mistake?

It was a bit of a shock to the music fans at the Key Arena in Seattle when they realized that the inscription on the $40 concert t-shirts they purchased had been misspelled.
$40 is an expensive mistake.

The controversial  "What do you mean" singer apologized for the error after the concert and said that fans could now exchange the misspelled T-shirts for the corrected version.

It was a bit of an embarrassment for the 24 year old star.

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