Terrorists Boko Haram still holds Nigerian territories: U.S Africom Commander contradicts Buhari

- 3/12/2016

Boko Haram terror group still holding parts of Nigeria

Boko Haram terrorists Northern Nigeria
Boko Haram: source naij

The commander of the US Africa command, General David Rodriguez has said that the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram still holds territories in Northern Nigeria.

The U.S commander's statement contradicted a statement President Muhammadu Buhari made a short while ago, when assuring the U.N secretary General Mr.Ban Ki Moon that the terror group were no longer holding any territory in Nigeria.

General Rodriguez declared his conclusion when he appeared before The US senate armed service committee reviewing the US defence budget. It was here that a question about boko Haram was put to him.

General Rodriguez said. "Actually sir, Boko Haram still holds significant territory
in Northern Nigeria."

At a meeting in the UAE, President Buhari had said that the collaboration of the Nigerian armued forces and the multinational joint task force had driven the dreaded terror group from Nigerian territory.
But the US Africom Commander Rodriguez insists that the terrorist group still remain lodged firmly in areas of Northern Nigeria.

  • After killing thousands of people and displacing millions more, Boko Haram were dislodged from their main strongholds in Northern Nigeria.
  • Boko Haram's link to terror group ISIL is well documentented.
  • US Commander states that the insurgents still hold Northern Nigerian territories.
  • President Buhari believes that the terrorist group have been removed permanently.

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