Brussels airport bomb blast: 34 dead in ISIS suicide bomb attack

- 3/22/2016

3 ISIS suicide bombers blow up Brussels airport, subway in Europe terror attacks.

ISIS Brussels suicide bombers
The Brussels suicide bombers
They came into the the airport in Brussels like any other traveler.

Three men walking side by side, and pushing their baggage trolleys towards the departure area.

No one paid them any close attention.

Security officials who later observed the CCTV footage of the 3 ISIS suicide bombers say that they each wore single black gloves. Obviously worn to hide the trigger  of their explosive vests.
But one thing made two of the ISIS terrorist suicide bombers different from other people in the airport.

CCTV cameras showed that two of them wore close fitting black long sleeve tops.

But the most chilling difference was the single black glove that each wore on one hand

Only one hand ; the left hand.

The third suicide bomber walked slightly apart from the other two.
This particular ISIS terror suspect was wearing a white coat and a hat.

The Brussels airport bomb blast  was just one of two blasts that occurred within minutes of each other.

A few minutes after the CCTV cameras captured the three men, they detonated their  bombs in the check in area of the airport, killing 14 people and injuring several dozens more.

The two suicide bombers in black blew themselves up as they detonated their explosive vests, while the bomber in a white coat detonated a nail bomb and escaped the airport alive.

The Maelbeek metro train station bomb was the last thing anyone expected after the devastation at the airport.

It is suspected that the ISIS terrorist in the white suit then headed to the Maelbeek metro train station and 79 minutes later, detonated another bomb in the subway that killed 20 people.

The suspect in the white suit is still on the run.

34 people have died and close to 200 people injured in a terror attack that ISIS has claimed responsibility for.


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