How to look beautiful like a movie star:Celebrity lifestyle tips

- 3/20/2016

How to get that beautiful movie star look you've always wanted 

Celebrity lifestyle beauty tips

Today I'm going to show you How to look beautiful like a screen goddess or Screen Adonis. I bet you love the skins and overall looks of your favourite movie stars and celebrities.

Fortunately, you don't have to know how to act to look like a one. You don't even have to know how to walk  and talk like one.

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to look like an A list movie actor/actress?

Well, I have.

Im talking about that whole  gold lined package of visual appeal that often defines our silver screen heroes; Male and female.

Its been revealed several times over the years, that a lot of these talented movie actors and actresses have to spend a considerable amount of money on a regular basis just for grooming.

Take Oprah for instance. It was once reported that the billionaire TV personality may spend tens of thousands a month, just to get her eyebrows shaped! 

And you know why?


She's Oprah. And achieving and maintaining an amazing look should be a vital part of any showbiz personality regimen.  

How to look like a show business person

Handled by the best professionals money can buy, appearance conscious celebrities will get target beauty treatments on all essential aspects of the body.

Those areas that dramatically improve and enhance one's looks and visual appeal.

After all, its show business. And show business is all about showcasing your looks and talent to an audience for the purpose of entertainment and profit.

You never can tell where the cameras will be pointing next.

It is imperative that these silver screen actors and actresses look their best always.

And for the sake of your health and self esteem, so do you.

The following are top lifestyle tips that address five major areas of your beauty. When these areas are given a dose of the movie star magic,(without the neck breaking budget) outstanding result can be reached.

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For now we shall focus on the basics; in the following areas- Skin, eyes, teeth, hair, and weight/ figure.

Do you want to know the beauty secrets of movie stars
In my next post titled "stepping into your dream look"
we shall go advanced and I'll show simple beauty secrets  that movie stars never wanted you to know.

Celebrity beauty secrets

But for the time being, let me give you a list of focus areas I shall help you deal with. And lay the foundation for the basics of your beauty and lifestyle.

In these three part series of lifestyle tips for looking young and beautiful, we shall deal with;

  • Skin beauty for Men and women
  • Clear and sparkling wrinkle free eyes for men and women ; for that unique movie star gaze that takes your breath away.
  • Beauty secrets for hair. Get amazing looking hair that makes you stand out of the crowd; for men and women.
  • Great looking teeth for that dazzling Tom cruise or Denzel Washington smile. Or that Angelina Jolie smile that lights up a room.
  • And lastly Your weight/figure. Get the perfect fat free posture that compliments your clothes.

This is just an intro. Watch out for the second part of these series coming soon right here on my blog.

In the meantime keep reading top juicy Gossip and stories from the Celebrity world.


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