Court in Nigeria sentences Japanese, Russian nationals for oil smuggling

- 3/19/2016

 Nigerian court sends 14 foreigners to jail for oil smuggling

Nigeria sends foreigners to jail for oil smuggling

A court in Nigeria has sentenced to jail, 14 sailors from Russia, Japan, Ukraine, and Philippines for smuggling oil and oil products in Nigeria.

The 14 foreign nationals received sentences for the crime, ranging from 2 to 5 years in prison for the unlawful smuggling of 1,738 tonnes of crude oil.

They were also charged and sentenced for the smuggling of  4,500 tonnes of petrol. Some measures of gasoline were also found on their boat.

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Crime in Nigeria

The unfavourable economic climate in Nigeria  has recently led to a considerable increase in crime.

In the past, most oil smuggling offenders are usually let off with a fine.
But this time, the foreign offenders in this case felt the full force of the law.

Such was the magnitude of their crime that their vessel was also confiscated by security personnel.

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