Kurdish woman shot dead at wedding in Germany by the groom

- 3/17/2016

 Wedding death:Woman shot dead at her wedding by her cousin for refusing to marry him

Kurdish woman killed at Germany wedding by cousin
Wedding tragedy: daily mail uk
A Kurdish woman has been shot dead at her wedding in Hanover Germany by the groom.

The woman Shilan 21 had rejected the arranged wedding to her cousin and refused to marry him at the wedding ceremony.

Her cousin sefin 22, who is also the groom, shot her dead right at the wedding venue, in front of hundreds of guests who came to celebrate with them.

The girl's father  Ghazi. H, heartbroken has posted graphic photos on Facebook and demands justice.

Shilan left Iraq with her father aged 3, and had grown up in Germany with a mentality of making her own free  choices.

The 21 year old property management student had refused the arranged wedding to her cousin and had been killed for it.

Her cousin Sefin; the Killer, is still on the run.
Deaths and suicides arising from forced marriages are on the increase.

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