Adam Johnson sentenced to 6 years in prison for sexual activity with a minor

- 3/24/2016

Ex-premiere league player Adam Johnson sentenced to 6 years in prison

Footballer player Adam Johnson prison sentence

From Football to prison.

All it took were some really bad choices by the footballer, and all the glory was lost.

Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for engaging in sexual activity with a 15 year old girl.
The football player who was fired by his club Sunderland at the height of the scandal, had been told some weeks ago that he should expect a long sentence for his crimes.

During sentencing, Judge Jonathan Rose told the ex- England  player that the whole thing had been his fault and responsibility.

Adam Johnson who had sprinted into court that morning to avoid cameras, sat chewing gum during the hearing, and showed no emotion during sentencing.

This attitude prompted the Judge to remark that Johnson had no remorse.

28 year old Adam Johnson's career as a footballer may be officially over as he will be 34 by the time he has served his 6 year sentence.

The sex offence crime by Adam Johnson

In a highly publicized paedophile case, popular Sunderland and England player Adam Johnson had groomed a 15 year old girl for sexual activity, and took great pains to ensure that they were never seen together.

The girl had been a Football fan who adored  Johnson.

But she had only just turned 15 and Johnson was aware of her age and the fact that she was a minor. A point that worked heavily against him during the trial.

The affair which lasted for some months occurred while Adam Johnson was engaged to  Stacey Flounders, with whom he has a daughter.

The English FA has since stripped Johnson of his 12 caps for England.

After his prison time, Adam Johnson will have his name in the sex offenders register for the remainder of his life.

His prison sentence begins immediately.


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