Explosion shakes CBN office in calabar Nigeria.

- 3/11/2016

 Explosion Rocks Central Bank of Nigeria building

Gas explosion hits central bank of Nigeria.
Central Bank of Nigeria Calabar
A massive gas explosion has rocked the CBN office in Calabar, Cross River state.
The gas explosion occurred at the main Calabar Central bank of Nigeria building which is currently under construction.
Mr Isaac Okorafor the CBN spokesperson  confirmed that there had indeed  been a gas explosion at the CBN construction site.

There were a few wounded from the unexpected blast,but no deaths
were recorded.

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The wounded had been taken to a hospital for treatment and
 fire fighters quickly responded to the fire call and arrived promptly. They quenched the raging fire that had engulfed  parts of the CBN building.

Clearly an accidental gas explosion, no act of sabotage has been revealed. 

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