Florida Woman arrested and charged for having Oral sex with Two dogs

- 3/23/2016

Woman in Florida charged with sexual conduct with dogs

Woman charged for sexual activity with two dogs

Florida USA.
A woman, Miranda Johns 21, has been charged with three counts of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal.
The charges came after police received a video of footage  which Johns engaged in oral sex with two dogs.

But there is a strange twist to the story.

Guess what?

Johns was actually the one who called the police!

In a case which eventually turned against her, Johns had called the police to report a man she claimed had sexually assaulted her.

The police had arrived at the house and to investigate sexual assault,
when the man in question denied the charges and instead produced a recording of johns engaged in sexual activity with the two animals.

The man claimed that Johns had sent him the recording.

Miranda Johns was promptly arrested, but has since been released after posting a bail of 4000 British Pounds Sterling.

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