Game of Thrones season 6:star says upcoming season was worth waiting for

- 3/06/2016

Game of thrones season six; it was all worth the wait

Game of Thrones  Season 6 

Game of thrones season 6 Lena Headey
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey has glimpsed parts of the HBO fantasy show Game of thrones season 6, and her reaction was amazing. She was almost at a loss for words and was extremely enthusiastic about the hotly anticipated season six. 

She claims it was truly worth the long and agonizing wait. A statement which only fuels the fire of longing for the fantasy show's millions of fans.

The Emmy nomimated actress who played Cercei Lanister was as excited as any fan by the up coming sixth season which opens on April 24.


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