Domestic violence:Man destroys forty cars after fight with girlfriend

- 3/01/2016

In a burst of domestic violence man wrecks 40 cars

man destroys 40 cars during domestic violence
Domestic violence 
Dawid Trojanowski displayed a horrific twist in domestic violence after he had a fight with his girlfriend.

In a burst off domestic violence, the 25 year old grabbed a sledge hammer in anger. And in a wild rage, he used the hammer to destroy 40 cars, and only stopped when he was confronted by police and threatened with a taser.

    Criminal Damage charges

 Trojanowski who is from Cookley Way, Oldbury, U.K was arrested on the spot but by this time he had already caused  £2,400  worth of damage to the cars.

When brought before Birmingham magistrates, he admitted that after the fight with his girlfriend he had been faced with an urge to inflict damage on himself or on something else. He had chosen the cars.

He also admitted to 12 charges of damage; criminal damage.

Ironically, Dawid Trojanowski walked from the courts without prison time. Apart from a fine and community service he is again a free man.

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