Maria Sharapova drug ban:Tennis star vows to fight Meldonium ban

- 3/28/2016
Tennis player Maria Sharapova fights impending Meldonium ban.
Maria Sharapova drug ban Meldonium
Maria Sharapova
Embattled women's tennis star Maria Sharapova has vowed to fight the impending 4 year drug ban for failing a drug test for Meldonium.

Several weeks ago the women's tennis star failed a drug test for banned performance enhancer Meldonium.

Inspite of stories of failed drug tests spreading through the sporting world, Maria Sharapova's drug ban for meldonium still came as a shock to the tennis world.
The 28 year old tennis icon admitted to taking the banned substance Meldonium. But she claimed that she only took it for medical reasons that included a history of irregular heart beat, and not as a performance enhancing drug.

Sharapova, a respected and admired sporting personality and also the world's richest sports woman, has seen her career tainted by the drug scandal.

The celebrated women's tennis champion admitted that she has been taking the medication for over a decade, but denied reports that she had been taking the banned substance on a daily basis.

When the news of Maria Sharapova's drug ban for 4 years emerged, the five time grand slam champion reacted on Facebook by stating on her fan page that she gives no excuses for not knowing that Meldonium was a banned substance, but complained that the communication from tennis authorities concerning changes to the list of drugs on the banned drug list, were too hard to find.

She vowed to fight the 4 year ban which she considered too grevious in the light of the surrounding circumstances.

If the 4 year ban sticks, Sharapova who is currently ranked 11 on the WTA singles ranking, will be 32 years old on her return to competitive tennis.


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