Men sent to prison for stealing 38 mobile phones in one night

- 3/01/2016

Mobile phone theft; Men sent to jail for stealing 38 mobile phones

men sent to jail For mobile phone theft

Two men have been sent to jail for stealing 38 mobile phone in one night.
The Two men; Emanuel Paraschiv and Marius Buzura are both 30 years of age, and come from the city of london. 

They stole the phones from music fans during a libertines music concert in Birmingham.
The stuck each stolen phone down there left trouser leg after taping their trouser cuff to prevent the loot from slipping out.
It was a daring and ill planned heist. They were caught with a total of 38 stolen mobile phones stuffed down their left trouser leg.

Prior to the music concert in Birmingham, police had been getting reports about missing phones from an earlier music concert in Manchester.

But men admitted to a conspiracy to steal. 
They were sentenced to three years in prison.

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