Nigerian Man Murders pregnant girlfriend with poison and buries her.

- 3/14/2016

Man in Nigeria poisons pregnant girlfriend and buries her in secret

A 39 year old man in Nigeria, Imo state has murdered his girlfriend when he discovered that she had become pregnant for him.

The man Chamberlin Ojoko Met the woman  Chinonye Ella, a 25 year old, during a commercial bus ride.
They got friendly and exchanged phone numbers.

Thus the ill-fated affair began. Chinonye would visit him in his town and Chamberlin would sneak away from his own pregnant wife to go meet Chinonye, his girlfriend in a hotel.

He always gave her 3000 to 4000 naira(about $10) afterwards to see her home.

The affair continued for a few months until Chinonye came to inform him that she was pregnant.

Chamberlin was troubled and resolved to handle things his own way.
One evening when she came to visit him, he took her to an uncompleted building and gave her a local abortion concoction to drink.
After drinking it down, it took only a short while for the crude and deadly medicine to inflict her with agonizing pain. She died shortly after.

Chamberlin left her there and calmly went to his brother's house to borrow a shovel. He returned to the uncompleted building, dug a shallow hole and buried her in it.

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He returned the shovel to his unsuspecting brother and went back home to his pregnant wife.

Unknown to him, while he was burying Chinonye, a little girl in the neighborhood had spotted him in the act. She recognised him and reported the shocking thing she just saw to an elder.

Chamberlin's brother was contacted and he dutifully led the police to Chamberlin's house some distance away and he was arrested.

He confessed to the crime and the
woman's body was uncovered.
Police discovered that he had used her cloth to strangle her and finish her off. He had also thrown away her mobile phone.

And now the police are trying to find her family to inform them of her death.

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