Terror; Planned terrorist attack on Paris is foiled as Police arrest Three men and a woman

- 3/16/2016

Terror in Paris: Planned terror attack in Paris Foiled, Four suspects arrested by French Police

French anti terrorist Police and Paris terrorist attacks
Paris France

Terror in Paris: Planned terror attack foiled in Paris Four suspects arrested by French Police.
Paris was saved from a planned terrorist attack when French anti-terrorist police stepped in an arrested four suspected terrorists during an early morning raid.

French police arrested three men and one woman holed up in the Northern Paris Suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The four arrested terror suspects were reported to be on French security files for earlier terrorist allegation and suspected ties to radical Islamist groups.

The arrests came a day after Joint Belgian and French security forces shot dead a man suspected of having involvement in the Paris Massacre in November last year.

The man, Mohamed Belkaid; an Algerian residing illegally in Belgium, was killed by a police sniper on Tuesday during a shootout with police.

Four police officers were injured during the raid and two other  suspects in the apartment with Mohamed Belkaid are now on the run, hunted by Police.

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