Top 30 most expensive movies ever made:blockbuster movies and flops

- 3/27/2016
 In a world craving for high budget blockbusters and movies that transport them to other fantastical worlds, Hollywood has delivered, by dishing out movie after movie, with production costs that will chill your bones. Here are the top 30 most expensive movies ever.
Blockbuster movies Hollywood

  Highest grossing Hollywood movies ever

29. 2012: This disaster movie was made in 2009 and had some of the most chilling visual effects ever seen.
The initial estimated budget was $200 million, but it eventually cost $220.4 million to make.
It made a worldwide box office gross of $769.7million.
28.  Terminator salvation: 2009 movie.
Part of the mega grossing Terminator movie franchise.
initial costs were estimate: $200 million.
Final cost: $220.4 million.
Worldwide box office gross:
$371.5 million.

27. Transformers: Revenge of the fallen. Year- 2009.
Cost of production: $220.4 million.
Estimated budget: $200 million.
This movie grossed an impressive $836.3 million  worldwide.

26. James Bond : Quantum of Solace.
      Initial budget: $200 million.
      Final cost.  $225.7 million.
Daniel Craig reaffirmed his status as a bona fide Bond when the movie grossed $586.1 million at the world wide box office.

 25. The Avengers. Year : 2012.
Cost: $227.6 million.
Estimated cost: $220 million.
Marvels blockbuster made a Worldwide gross of $1.5 billion.

24. Man of Steel: A 2013 blockbuster movie with production costs of $228.8 million.
Original budget estimate was $225 million.
And the movie made good by grossing $668 million globally.

23. Men in Black 3 : In 2012 Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reunited for Men in 3. A highly anticipated and expensive 3rd installment.
Cost: $232.8 million.
Gross:$624 million.

22. The Amazing Spiderman: 2012.
Production:$238 million
World wide box office gross:$752.2 million.

Highest grossing Amazing Spiderman
The Amazing Spiderman
21. Wild Wild West: For a blockbuster movie that many consider a  disappointment, Wild wild West costs a huge $240 million to make, far surpassing its $170 million estimated budget.
A poor worldwide gross of $222.1 million, made it a certain box office flop.

Top 20 US box office most expensive movies

20. Spectre:  Year 2015.  The most expensive James Bond movie, as well as the highest grossing. Spectre cost
$246 million to make, and grossed $880 million world wide.

19. Superman returns:
 Year 2006.
Cost: $246.4 million.
World wide gross:
$391 million.

18. X-Men: The last stand: Year-2006.
Production cost: $247.6 million
Worldwide box office gross $459.4 million.

17. Spiderman 2: Release date 2004.
Production cost: $250 million.
Worldwide gross. $783.8 million

16. King Kong: Another disaster movie remake.
Year: 2005
Production cost: $250.3 million

Video list of Most expensive Hollywood movies of 2018

15. Avengers: Age of Ultron: One of US box office most expensive movies of 2015.
Cost:$251 million
Worldwide gross: $1.4 billion.

14. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
  Release date: 2008
Cost: $253.9 million
Worldwide gross: $419.7 million.

13.Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines:
 $257.6 million production cost.
Grossed a $433.4 million globally.

12. John Carter: Year of release 2012.
Cost: $259 million.
Worldwide gross:
 $284.1 million.

11. The dark Knight rises: 2012.
     Production cost: $259 million.
    Worldwide gross: $1.08 billion.

10. The Hobbit. Year: 2012.
$259 million.
Worldwide gross: $1.02 billion.

9.Avatar:  Release year: 2009. One of the highest grossing movies in history.
$261 million cost of Production.
Worldwide box office gross : $2.8 billion.

Top grossing Hollywood blockbusters
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest:  A brilliant performance by Johnny Depp help power this 2006  blockbuster movie to US box office success.
The movie cost $265.2 million to make, and grossed $1 billion Worldwide.

7. Water world: Kevin Costner stars in the one of the older movies on this list. Shot in 1995 with a budget $271 million, water world made a disappointing $264.2 million Worldwide gross.

6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: 2009 release date.
$275.5 million Production cost.
Worldwide gross: $934.4 million.

5. Tangled: US animated Blockbuster movie Tangled was released in 2010 with a Production budget of  $281.3 million, making it the most expensive animated movie ever made.
It grossed a decent $590.7 million Worldwide.

4. Spiderman 3: Toby Maguire starred in another super successful spider man movie. The 3rd movie in the Franchise cost a Whopping $291 million for production and made good with a combined US box office and Worldwide gross of $890.9 million.

3.Titanic: Everyone's favourite romantic tragedy. This 1997 movie by James Cameron cost $294.4 million and grossed $2.2 billion Worldwide.

2.Cleopatra: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton star in this 1963 Hollywood classic that cost $340 million. This figure is adjusted for inflation.

The actual Worldwide gross is $57.8 million.

1. And now I present to you the most expensive movie ever made : Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's End: Johnny Depp Powers this $341 million movie to a remarkable $963.4 million world wide box office Success.

A lot of big budget movies with heavy weight casts of A listers have been able to pull off big returns at the US box office, after gargantuan production costs.

The bigger the budget. The bigger the visual effects, the bigger the A list actors, then the bigger the box office haul.


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