Brussels bomb attack:basket baller injured in Brussels airport terror attack

- 3/22/2016

Pro basketball player amongst wounded in suicide bomb blast

Brussels airport terror attacks

Sebastien Bellin: Brussels bomb blast victim; injured by Brussels airport suicide bomb.

A top Belgian-Brazilian basket baller Sebastien  Bellin was among the many injured from the ISIS Brussels airport bomb attack

Pictured above in a pool of his own blood Sebastian Bellin 37, was thrown 20 meters into the air from the bomb blast and sustained terrible injuries to his leg.

The 37 year old sportsman has been taken to hospital and has undergone surgery to his injured leg. He is going in for a second surgery.

Bellin once played for the Belgian national team but now plays for a Belgian club.

Sebastien Bellin Injured in Brussels bomb blast
34 people were killed this morning and The Brazilian pro basketballer was amongst another 170 injured in two seperate Bomb attacks in Brussels airport and Metro station in Belgium.

Terrorist group the Islamic state (ISIS) has since claimed responsibility for the devastating bomb attack that has rocked Belgium and the rest of Europe.


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