Wayne Rooney caught taking Nike Merchandise by CCTV cameras

- 3/20/2016

Manchester united striker Wayne Rooney captured by CCTV taking Nike Merchandise

Wayne Rooney CCTV footage
He earns a whopping 300,000 pounds a week playing for Manchester United FC and he is considered one of the best football strikers in the world.
So it was a bit of a shock when CCTV cameras captured Manchester United striker Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney in a footage that shows him picking Nike Merchandise from a hospitality box, in the VIP box at Wembley stadium.

The 32 year old England football star can be seen clearly in the footage as he jokes with two friends while sifting through various Nike merchandise on display.

He can be seen eventually dropping his selection of merchandise on the VIP room floor and reaching for a plastic bin bag.

Apparently, he intended to use the plastic bag to carry the Nike branded Merchandise out of the room.

Is he Broke?

Certainly not. Far from it Infact.

The football icon earns 300,000 pounds weekly playing for the red devils in the EPL.

Forbes magazine ranks him as the 34th highest paid athlete in the world at over $26 million a year.

Wayne Rooney has a net worth of $114 million.

So why on earth did he have to take the Nike Merchandise?

Wayne Rooney's spokesman has denied that the footballer took anything.

And he called the claims false.

But with camera footage and all, I dont think the truth would be too difficult to prove.

New coach for Manchester United

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