Woman diagnosed with breast cancer shows photos of her breast online

- 3/13/2016
Breast cancer symptoms

Symtons of breast cancer are getting less and less obvious these days. As in the case of  Kylie who noticed a slight change in her skin colour and alerted the doctor. After examining her,she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Australian woman posts photos of her breast on Facebook to show a rare breast cancer symptom

Now Kylie is going public with photos showing the underside of her chest, to see if she can raise awareness of a little known and overlooked symptom of this often kind of deadly cancer and and hopefully save someone's life.

Kylie Armstrong an Australian from Melbourne was diagnosed with breast cancer after she noticed a slight discolouration on her skin. When she raised her arm she noticed three very subtle looking dimples on the underside of her chest.

Most symptoms of this disease are associated with a lump. But unfortunately that is no longer the case. 
Kylie felt no lump at all, instead she saw the three dimples which turned out to be the disease.

After being diagnosed, Kylie did an amazing thing; she posted photos of her condition on facebook to show the rare symptoms, and urged people to share the images. 

She also urged women to look out not only for lumps , but also for her own kind of symptoms, when doing their regular personal check.

The photos she hopes will help someone get early detection and hopefully save lives.

Remember 92% of breast cancer symptoms are treatable when detected early. 

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