Women's tennis player Maria Sharapova tests positive for meldonium

- 3/14/2016

Tennis star Maria Sharapova fails drug test for performance enhancer Meldonium

Women's tennis player Maria Sharapova drug test

The tennnis world in in shockworld as the women's tennis player Maria Sharapova fails drug test.

The flamboyant tennis star Sharapova tested positive for banned substance Meldonium.

Meldonium, also known as meldronate is a prescription medication  that can enhance your ability to exercise.

Maria Sharapova's failed drug test  came during the Australian open in January after  being beaten by world number one Serena Williams.

The leggy Russian beauty Sharapova's drug test failure is the first in her long career. She is the current world number 7 women's tennis player, A ranking which is sure to drop when she goes for her drug ban.

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Sharapova admitted that she has been taking the drug Meldonium for 10 years and didn't know it was on the banned list until recently.

The drug became a banned substance on January 1 2016.

Since Sharapova tested positive for the performance enhancing drug Meldonium, her life as a great tennis champion, Icon and role model has taken a dramatic turn.  A lot of peopl e have  taken sides as the tennis star's image is tarnished,and her once flawless persona and pedigree loses credibility.

Sharapova 28, claims that she never took the drug as a performance enhancer, but as an aid in the prevention of diabetes and  controlling an irregular heart beat.

The 5 time grand winner has been suspended and now awaits the decision of the Tennis anti doping program as they decide on how long she should have to go on ban.

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