6 Richest black actors in the world

- 4/03/2016

Top 6 world's highest paid black actors in 2016

World's richest black actors

I'll show you the world's wealthiest of them all. Top earning black actors in Hollywood in 2016.

There amazing talent and contribution to movies over the years cannot be denied.

Who are the richest black actors in the world ?

From award winners to box office icons, these actors are extremely talented and super rich too.

Gone are the days when black Hollywood actors like Sydney Pottier and Dorothy Dandridge worked their socks off just to make a befitting living from the glamorous occupation of Movie acting.

These days, Black Hollywood actors and actresses are amongst the most sought after celebrities in the world.

The sheer talent and undeniable screen appeal of black actors in Hollywood has catapulted a number of them to incredible financial and critical success.

This hot list covers the top 6 Black earners in movies along with their monstrous net worth.

6. Denzel Washington: Superstar Hollywood leading man Denzel Washington is the 6th on the list of rich black Hollywood stars. The 61 year old Equalizer actor has won two academy awards and has a networth of $140 million.

5. Morgan Freeman:
Morgan Freeman wealthiest black actors
Veteran black actor Morgan Freeman comes in at number five on the list with a total wealth of  $150 million. The much loved actor is one of the highest paid black actors in the world.

4.  Samuel .L. Jackson: Hardworking black Hollywood tough guy Samuel .L. Jackson is the 4th on the list of world's highest paid black actors with a net worth of $200 million.

3. Will Smith:
Will Smith richest black actors
Forget Wild wild West. Will Smith is hot,  talented funny and super rich. The rapper and TV star turned Hollywood A- lister is the 3rd on our money list. 

2. Bill Cosby:  For many year now legendary comedian Bill Cosby has always been on several top earning lists of entertainers. Mr. Cosby has a net worth of $350 million.

1. Tyler Perry: Actor, screen writer, director Tyler Perry tops this list comfortably at the number one spot.

With two buzzing television shows watched by millions every week, Tyler Perry is going strong with a total wealth of  $400 million.

I mentioned veteran actor Sidney Pottier earlier. It will be interesting to note that the pioneering actor is worth $25 million. Not bad for the iconic Veteran actor of "Guess who's coming to dinner."

Here they are;  the richest black actors in the world of movies in the year 2016.


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