7 ways men can look younger fast.

- 4/07/2016

7 best beauty tips for men to look younger  fast 

lifestyle and beauty tips for men

You are a man and you want to look good. I mean better, younger and more attractive in every masculine way possible.

But guys, the Good news;  it is possible,
And it can be achieved quickly and healthily.
The following shows us how Men can look younger with simple and yet amazing lifestyle tips that can transform even the dullest and  scruffiest looking man into a clean cut and stylish Adonis, no matter the age.

But wait!

There are a few things that men will have do in order to reap the numerous  " hunk" benefits of proper male grooming.

I'll advise men to follow these tips diligently. After we all, we all want to look amazing right?

Here are 7 ways that men can can roll back the hands of time easily:  7 lifestyle and beauty tips for men that will compliment your body and give you that lady's man aura.

Here we go.

 1.  Moisturizers
    One of the best and yet the most underrated lifestyle and beauty tips for men is regular moisturizing of the face. Since skin tends to dry out when you are are asleep, it is imperative to keep that skin moisturized and also focus on wrinkle prone areas like around the eyes.

2. Sunscreen
 Did you know that men are 5 times more likely to get sunburned than women?

Its true.

And since too much exposure to UV rays  can weaken skin fibers and cause wrinkles especially in men, a proper Sunscreen is required to keep all that sun damage at bay.
Regular sunscreen protection is one of the best tips for men to look younger

3. Shaving
    Removing facial hair can reduce as much as ten years from your looks.
  And apart from that, the removal of dead cell during shaving can give men a younger look due to collagen stimulation.

 4.  Eat healthy meals:
      You really turn out looking like what you eat.
  Men should eat  food rich in Nuts, milk, beans, fruits,vegetables and cereals.
 A diet low in sugars and white floury foods, oxidized oil and excess carbs, is only the beginning of what a good and healthy diet plan should comprise of.
But it's a good start for a healthy lifestyle and beauty regimen.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption:
Alcohol causes blood vessel to dilate, which gives the face a flushed look. Long term alcohol consumption can finally end up giving you a bloated face.
6. Exercise:
    Apart from helping men lose belly fat, and repair posture, exercise also promotes cellular regeneration which in turn can give you a younger look.

7. Get adequate sleep:
Without proper sleep all the other 6 lifestyle tips will certainly go down the drain. 
7-8 hours of restful sleep at night should do the trick.

Men vs Women beauty facts and fiction
  • Women need more skin care than            men-fiction.
  • Men have a weaker skin than women- fact.
  • Men usually care less for their skin than women- fact.
  • Women sunburn more easily than men- ficton.
  • Men have a higher risk of contracting skin cancer- fact.
  • Most men are not aware of the above beauty facts and fiction-Big Fact!


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