Chris Brown reveals: "I felt like a monster" after Rhianna incident

- 4/19/2016

 I felt like a monster Chris Brown reveals in trailer for "Welcome to my life" after incident with Rhianna

Chris Brown welcome to my life documentary

Wow! Chris is digging up his demons.

And the sight isn't pretty.

Singer Chris Brown reveals how he seriously contemplated suicide after beating up Rhianna.

The 26 year old tattooed artiste made the shocking revelations amongst others, in the full length trailer for his new documentary titled "Welcome to my life."

In the trailer,Chris spoke about how the 2009 incident wrecked his life and career and almost spun his promising future out of control.

This is what Chris Brown said.

"I felt like a monster" 

"I was thinking about suicide and everything; I wasn't sleeping, I barely ate...I just was getting high."

The controversial singer was clearly remorseful, but in the trailer it is noted that he never expresses sorry for what he did to Rhianna, which leads us to wonder whether  he is more remorseful for what happened to his life and career due to the incident, rather than what happened to her.

In the clip, the singer added;

"Going from being on top of the world, number one songs, being kind of like America's sweetheart to being public enemy number one"

A lot people including family and celebrities contributed to the the documentary.

This is what Joyce Chris Brown's  mother said.

"That was the worst day of my life, and probably of his life,' Joyce says. 'I felt like I was going to lose my child."

Many Celebrities joined in to express their Sympathy for Brown's Plight.
Some celebrities like Usher, Jamie Foxx and even Jennifer Lopez even went as far as praising Chris Brown for how he handled the grueling aftermath.

Chris was praised for his talent and potential to become one of the biggest stars to emerge in recent history.

Its true.

From a very young age Chris Brown was clearly a shining star.

A light that was almost snuffed out after one unexpected incident with his then girlfriend; Pop star Rhianna.

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But amazingly, in the documentary trailer, there was even a clip of Rhianna in her interview with Oprah, where she expressed sympathy for her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

But in the 3 minute long trailer, the most realistic and mind jarring celebrity contribution came from none other than former world heavy weight champion; Bad boy Mike Tyson.

This is what Iron Mike had to say about it.

"The more light we get, the more we have to hide that demon"

Former sweethearts Chris brown and Rhianna dated for a while in a much publicized celebrity relationship.

A relationship that ended violently with a brutal beating in 2009.

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