Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth engaged again: seen at Huntsman premier

- 4/12/2016

Liam Hemsworth clears the air about relationship with Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth relationship.

 They cant seem to stay apart from each other!

After their highly publicized split over two years ago, it appears that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged again.

What?  Are you shocked or thrilled?

At first glance, it does seem like the controversy dogged singer Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have rekindled their engagement again.
The famous pair were seen together attending the new Movie "The Huntsman: Winter wars" premier,  which stars Liam's older brother Chris Hemsworth.

Liam and Miley sat together during the premier and at some point were spotted holding hands.

From all indications it seemed official that Miley Cyrus and the famous Aussie actor have taken there relationship to another level.

This new development has brought sheer delight to their fans who posted loads of tweets about seeing the two young stars together at the movie premier.

Fans were able to meet Miley and Liam backstage for pics as the pair decided to skip the red carpet after the premier.

But in the midst of all the buzzing speculation, the Handsome Hunger games actor put the engagement rumours to rest.

In an interview with Australian TV week, this is what he said.

"I am not engaged no"

He also explained about how he handles the publicity that comes with dating the "Wrecking ball" singer.
This is what Liam had to say about that

"I just don't leave my home. For the
last few months because I had a back injury, I really couldn't do much. So I have honestly
been at my house most of the time"

On social media, Miley Cyrus displayed the same diamond ring that Liam gave her during their 2012 engagement. That is what actually started the engagement rumours.

The 23 year old singer and the hunky 26 year old Australian actor began dating in 2010 and got engaged in 2012.

They broke up their relationship in 2013.

The last time the love birds were seen together at a red carpet event was back in 2013, at the premier of Liam Hemsworth's movie "Paranoia

The couple's on and off relationship has made headlines.
And their fans were delighted about seeing them back together again and hopefully for good this time.

Clearly, Miley's enthusiastic display of the diamond ring was not what it appears.

So guys! Give it a rest. It came from the the horses mouth. They are not engaged.

Who knows; they may be meant for each other. Only time will tell.
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