Mother of 3 found dead and in pieces in city garbage after online date outing

- 4/13/2016

Woman found in pieces in recycle bin

Terrible and sad!
A mother of three who was reported missing has been found dead in a city  recycle bin in a neighborhood in Seattle after she went out on a date with a man she met online.

A home owner in a certain neighborhood called the police after he found 3 body parts in his recycle bin.

Upon investigation the police concluded that the remains which included the head, belonged to the woman Ingrid Lyne

The 40 year old nurse was last seen by a neighbor when she was getting ready to go out on a date with a man she met online.

She was reported missing soon after when her ex husband dropped off their three children and found the house empty.

A man by the name of  John Robert Charlton has been arrested in connection to the crime.

Police have not made a statement as to the level of his involvement, although it did state that the 37 year old man has a lengthy criminal record which included assault and battery. And now a gruesome and horrific  murder has been added to the list of his crimes.

Ingrid Lyne's friends have started a fund to reach out to the three children she left behind.

Our hearts reach out to her kids and loved one's.

And we hope that some form of justice will help ease the pain of this sad and horrible crime.

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