President Buhari US trip: Meets Zuriel Uduwole 13 year old Nigerian filmmaker

- 4/03/2016
Nigerian President Buhari in US

Nigerian teenage filmmaker becomes youngest person to be profiled by Forbes

She is just 13 and she is the youngest person to be profiled by Forbes.

US based Zuriel Elise Uduwole is
is a Nigerian genius who's work has been recognised globally.

Born of a Nigerian father and a Mauritian mother, this special Nigerian pace setter, met with the Nigerian President Buhari during his US trip.
President Muhammadu Buhari's trip to the United States would not have been complete had he not met with the young girl making Nigeria proud internationally.

At just the age of 12 in 2014, Zuriel Oduwole became the world's youngest filmmaker to have their work self-produced and screened commercially.

This has made her a person of repute and an icon of hope for a country in desperate need of hope and guidance.

The economic crisis in Nigeria has become dire in the last few weeks,  bringing with it great criticism of the Buhari led Nigerian government.

Although the Nigeria President assured Nigerians in Washington D.C that he is working hard to correct the past mistakes of Nigeria, still the average Nigerian citizen is struggling to come to terms with the increasing economic hardship in the face of colourful promises of change.

So Zuriel Uduwole's story may seem irrelevant to the average Nigerian's Phlight, but should ideally be seen as an inspiration and encouragement to Nigerians, as it depicts what can be achieved when individual determination and hard work is put ahead of grumbling and disillusionment.

It is an example that hope and success is possible even in the face of hardship.


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