ISIS Brussels bomber: Man in white new CCTV footages emerge

- 4/07/2016

Wanted ISIS terrorist airport bomber caught on camera

The  Wanted ISIS terrosist bomber "man in white" is shown on newly released Brussels airport CCTV footage.

The man in white; the ISIS terrorist who exited the Brussels airport after dropping his nail bomb, has been caught on new CCTV cameras as he slipped out of the airport, just moments before the bomb blasts that killed 32 people.

Belgian prosecutors have released Incredible new footage which follows the ISIS terrorist, tracing him as he fled from the airport on foot and walked to the nearby town of Zaventem. He was then spotted making calls on his mobile phone.

The Most wanted man in the world finally headed into Brussels and disappeared from view to this day.

The ISIS Jihadist  who was the only one of the three ISIS Brussels bombers to survive the airport blast, has baffled investigators since the incident.

He is also thought to be involved in the train terminal bomb blast which took place 79 minutes after the airport attack.

His Obviously planned exit from the Brussels Airport before his two counterparts blew themselves up, along with several other innocent lives in one of the worst terrorists attacks seen in Europe, has caused concern for Belgian investigators.

Dressed differently from the other two suicide bombers, in a white suit and a hat, the ISIS terrorist dropped a nail bomb in the airport premises before casually making his exit.

The airport bomb blasts came shortly after the former world most wanted man ISIS militant was captured in a police Belgium raid after months on the run.

Belgian Prosecutors believe that the man in white's escape was carefully planned, and Belgian prosecutors are urging the public to come forward with any phone footage they may have of the ISIS militant who has now become the world's most wanted man.


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