10 highest paid actresses in the world: richest actresses(photos)

- 5/06/2016
Meet the top 10 highest paid actresses in the world today. 

Hollywood A-list actresses are now commanding hefty paychecks for doing what they love.

Its not uncommon now to see A-list leading ladies competing in cash earnings with their A list male counterparts. And in many cases these days, female movie stars are surpassing the men.
But when you have experienced the sheer pull and star power of these women on screen and off, then you would understand the hype and join the fan train.

For the lack of a better description; They are simply incredible.

Who are the highest paid actresses in Hollywood 2016?

To answer this question, we have sorted through earnings recorded for these females screen millionaires.

We came up with a super amazing richest list that is as deserving of the actresses that are on it, as it is to their countless fans, who's adoration and patronage helped put these screen goddesses on a pedestal of wealth and fame.

Here are the top 10  highest paid actresses in movies now.

10 Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart Highest paid

For the first time in her young and buzzing career, Twilight star Kristen Stewart makes the top 10 list.
She has grown into a critically respected actress with roles in movies like "Still Alice"
She has earned $12 million this year.

9. Ann Hathaway
Ann Hathaway highest paid actresses

Beautiful A-lister Ann Hathaway has earned $12 million this year. Her earnings mostly came from memorable roles in Rio 2 and interstellar.
She is the 9th highest paid actress in the world.

8. Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon world's highest paid

The petite blond returns to the top 10 list for the first time in four years.

Reese Witherspoon has earned $15 million this year.

7. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie Hollywood actress

Everybody's favourite female Hollywood action star.
Angelina Jolie has often topped the list of the world's highest paid female screen stars. This year she is 7th on our list.

6. Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts highest paid actresses in the world

Pretty woman star Julia Roberts earned $16 million this year, even though she starred in very few movies.
But she has always been a big box office draw.
The actress was paid $300,000 for her role in pretty woman in the early 90s.
But by 2003 she earned a record $25 million for 2003 movie The Monalisa smile.

5.Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston money earnings

The "Friends" actress starred in only two movies last year, but she still made $16.5 million.

Her earnings came primarily from endorsement deals with the likes of Aveeno.

4. Bing bing fan
Bing bing fan highest earning actress in the world

Pretty Chinese star Bing bing fan is a hot favourite in China.
Her deal with L'Oreal, as well as her movie roles, puts her in 4th position of the highest paid list in the world with $21 million earned.

3. Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy Hollywood highest paid actress

Comedian Lisa McCarthy is the 3rd world's highest paid actress.

She gave us the laughs and earned $23 million doing it.
Her pay from her movie roles in Tammy and Spy made up the bulk of her earnings this year.

2. Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson one of the highest paid actresses in the world today

There is no stopping this beautiful Hollywood actress.
Her Avengers: Age of Ultron role shot her earnings into a stunning $35.5 million.

1. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is the highest paid actress in Hollywood 2016

Hunger games plus Jennifer Lawrence equals $52 million.
The success of the movie franchise has made her number one on the list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

You must realize that the earnings here do not necessarily reflect talent.
But in every sense, all of the above listed Hollywood stars deserve their place on this earnings list.

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