Cutaneous leishmaniasis disease spreads through Middle East

- 5/31/2016

Tropical disease cutaneous leishmaniasis spreads through the Middle East

A disfiguring disease known as Cutaneous leishmaniasis is spreading fast through the Middle East region.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a flesh eating disease that is transmitted by sand flies and causes open sores that spread quickly. It also causes ever increasing and unsightly skin lesions that cause disfigurement.

Due to the rising conflict and the declining state healthcare services in ISIS controlled areas, the people that find themselves in these conflict torn areas are more vulnerable to the disabling disease.

 Once known as the "Alepo evil" Cutaneous  leishmaniasis has been present in the Middle East society for hundreds of years.

But due to the continuing civil war in Syria, the Middle East refugee crises is causing a wild spread of the disgusting disease. It has currently affected  hundreds of thousands of people as it continues to sweep through the Middle East.

It is believed  that the recent large scale outbreak of leishmaniasis was set off by the out of control refugee crises caused by years of Syrian civil war.

The disease has spread in vast proportions in Syria and has also affected countries like Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

But with Syrian refuges numbering more than 2 million in Turkey, new cases of the disease has already been reported there, and is now spreading into Southern Europe.

 Leishmaniasis is a tropical disease that is contracted when the sand fly injects the parasite into the blood stream.

It takes about 2 to 6 months after infection for the symptoms to appear.


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