Dad mauled to death by his own dog in front of his two daughters

- 5/23/2016

Man is mauled to death by pet dog while daughters struggled to save him

Man mauled to death by pet dog
A man has been mauled to death by a dog that was actually his pet dog as his two teenage daughters struggled desperately to drag the dog away from him.

45 year old Stephen Hodgson of Cleator moor Cumbria was killed by the family's Staffordshire/pit bull terrier, a powerful cross breed dog they kept as a pet.

Buster the pet dog attacked the man and bit through his jugular vein, causing him to have cardiac arrest due to heavy blood loss.

Stephen Hodgson who was an unemployed carpenter, had been at home watching television sitcom "prison break"  along with his two daughters when Buster the dog pounced on him.

Just before the attack, Stephen had slumped while watching the television show. It was later revealed that he had a medical condition which occasionally caused him to feel faint.

When he slumped, he fell over the side of the bed and landed beside Buster who began barking at his unconscious owner.

The girls quickly led the big dog out of the room and into the back garden, and then returned to attend to their dad.

But Buster ran back inside. It ran up the stairs and back into the bedroom.

When the Buster saw Stephen still slumped on the floor, he attacked him.

This is what Stephen's 16 year old daughter Carla said;

“He’s a big, strong, heavy dog and we couldn’t keep him out.

“He saw my dad leaning over the edge of the bed and he went for him, there was nothing we could do.”

Her sister Carla, 16, said: “Buster was biting dad’s throat and there was suddenly a lot of blood.

"We were doing anything we could to get him off. He didn’t have a collar on to hold onto so we were just pulling him.

“I had hold of his back legs and was trying to drag him off but he was just too strong.

“We knew things were really bad for dad, he might have gone before the emergency services even arrived.

“It was horrific and we won’t be able to forget it, but I’m glad we were there for dad to try to help him.

"At least we know that we did everything we possibly could to try to save him.

“We wrapped a sheet around his neck to try to stop the blood but he was bleeding very heavily.”

Dog mauls man to death

Stephen Hodgson was a father of three; two daughters and a son.

He had earlier split up from his wife Theresa barely two months ago.

His distraught 19 year old son Frazier had this to say;

“Dad was a great man, he was like our best mate as well as our dad.

“Nothing was too much trouble for him as far as his kids were concerned.

"He loved cooking for us and made great curries and spaghetti bolognese, we’re all going to miss him more than we can say.

By the time the police and  ambulance crew arrived, Hodgson was already dead.

Police had to use a taser to calm the crazed dog down before a vet was called in to put it to death.

Buster had belonged to the three children as a pet.

They had rescued the dog from a previous owner who had been treating it badly and gave the canine a home with them.

They are at a loss as to how it behaved this way.

They say it had always been a gentle dog who loved to crawl into bed with them and had never displayed any kind of aggressive behavior.

Stephen's ex-wife has been informed and is devastated.

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