Melanie Road's killer caught through DNA 32 years after crime

- 5/10/2016

Rapist and Murderer Christopher Hampton caught 32 year after Melanie Road's murder

Melanie road killer caught

"I'll see you later."

"No you won't."

Those were the words exchanged between convicted killer Christopher Hampton and his wife as police led him from his home for the gruesome crime of murder he committed 32 years ago.


Now Christopher Hampton has been sentenced to life in prison for the 1984 murder of Melanie Road.

A father of four, Hampton 64, had committed the crime, escaped arrest and lived a respectable and quiet life for over three decades after brutally knifing and raping 17 year old A- level student Melanie Road.

But his evil luck ran out. The killer and rapist was finally caught by a stroke of luck when police took DNA from his daughter after she committed a minor offence.

At the time of the crime Hampton was 32 years old. As  Melanie walked home from a night club in Somerset, Hampton stalked and attacked her.
Christopher Hampton jailed for murder

He stabbed Melanie 26 times and then raped her, before leaving her to die.

Her mutilated body was discovered by a milk man and his 10 year old son the next morning.

Forensic investigators discovered a blood sample alongside the body and several years later in 2000, used it to build a DNA profile for the killer.

But it wasn't until 2014 that a strange thing happened.

Police were called during a quarrel between Hampton's 44 year old daughter Clare and her boyfriend.

She was given a warning and went through a routine swab.

When police ran a DNA check in their database, a match was found.

Clare's father Hampton was contacted and DNA was taken from him.

It was an exact match of the DNA found on Melanie Road's body 32 years ago.

Finally Justice; 32 years in the making.

At 64 years old Christopher Hampton; murderer, will now serve a life sentence for his 1984 crime.

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