Groom divorces bride on wedding night for texting friends

- 5/17/2016

A Groom divorces his bride on wedding night: she was too busy texting friends to sleep with him.

Groom divorces bride on wedding night

In a strange twist of events, an angry groom divorces his  bride on their wedding night because she was too busy sending text messages to friends instead of sleeping with him.

The strange incident that led to the divorce occurred in Bahrain when the newly married Saudi couple made it to their honeymoon hotel, after the wedding ceremony.

While there, the husband tried to sleep with his new wife, but she ignored his attempts and preferring to reply instead to congratulatory messages being sent by her friends.

But the groom persisted and urged her to stop texting and give him some attention, but then she became angry.

When he asked her if her friends were more important than him, she said yes.

A heated argument followed and the husband informed his new wife that he was divorcing her, and left the hotel room.

A divorce was promptly filed in court and the case was referred  to a reconciliation committee to look into it and explore the possibility of reconciling the newly weds.

But the groom was adamant. He was clearly disgusted and fed up by the whole incident.
He bluntly refused to withdraw his case.

A legal expert in Saudi has pointed out the shocking rise of divorces in the country; as high as 50%, especially amongst younger couples.

wedding and marriages

It is clear that many couples go into the wedding and marriage process without the faintest idea that it can only work when both parties are committed and devoted to each other.

Divorce rates continue to rise partly because most couples are so captivated by the thrill of the wedding, that they forget the potential beauty of the marriage.

They ultimately ignore or refuse to put in the sacrificial love that marriage requires.

For marriages to work, it simply boils down to true love - plus - devoted friendship. When these two things abound, every other thing usually works itself out.

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