ISIS gunmen kill 16 Real Madrid football fans in bloody cafe attack

- 5/13/2016
Bloody death as group of ISIS gunmen kill  Real Madrid football fans at the headquarters of a Real Madrid supporters club in a midnight attack

The dreaded gunmen armed with AK-47s made their way into Al Furat cafe in Balad, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad at the stroke of midnight and opened fire.

ISIS kill Real Madrid football fans

16 people were killed in the mindless and gruesome attack.

The dead were mostly Real Madrid football fans who gathered there to support their beloved team.

Some staff at the cafe, as well as  some customers were also killed.

 Over 20 people were injured in the  planned attack which terror group ISIS claimed responsibility.

The supporters club members who numbered 4191 Real Madrid fans in total, often met at the cafe to watch Real Madrid games together.

But on this terrible night death waited for them in form of ISIS gunmen.
ISIS gunmen attack cafe

The fan club's President Ziad Subhan said that three armed men barged into the cafe and started shooting at everyone in the room, leaving an aftermath blood drenched Chaos, screams and death.

"They don't like football. They think its anti- Islamic"  Subhan said.

Strangely enough, after the attackers fled the scene, one of them was trapped by police an hour later in an unused building. But the ISIS gunman blew up himself up with his explosive vest before the police could catch him.

Real Madrid football club released an official statement and this is what it said;

“The club expresses its total sadness and offers its thoughts and condolences to the families and friends of the victims.
"Football and sport shall always be spaces in which to come together and in which harmony and peace reign and with which no form of barbaric terrorism will be able to compete.

"Today Madridismo across the whole world cries for its supporters, who shall never be forgotten."

As the news and graphic photos of the carnage spread, messages of condolences poured in from all over the world as Real Madrid and others sent their support and sympathy.

Spanish football body La Liga made a statement on twitter.

In March ISIS second in command Abdel Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, was killed .
ISIS  claim the attack on the football fans was in retaliation of his death.

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