Man shoots doctor after he successfully delivers his wife's baby

- 5/27/2016

New dad shoots doctor who delivered his baby because he saw his wife naked

New dad shoots doctor who delivered his wife's baby

Talk about ungrateful and murderous!

Reports have come in that a man has shot a doctor who helped deliver his wife's baby.

It is suspected that the new dad was enraged and fired the deadly shot because he did not want the male doctor to see his wife naked.

The shocking incident took place at the King Fahad hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The doctor, Muhannad al-Zabn, was treated for near fatal gunshot wounds after he had successfully delivered a baby.

The man who shot the doctor had reportedly requested a female doctor for his wife's delivery.

But against his request it was a  male doctor that handled the procedure.

After the delivery the man contacted the doctor to express his gratitude, but when the two men met in the hospital garden, the unsuspecting doctor was taken unawares when the angry dad pulled out a handgun and fired at close range.

The new dad was clearly enraged that the doctor had seen his wife naked. He had decided to take his revenge inspite of the new born baby he had just fathered through the male doctor's help.

The injured doctor was rushed to the intensive care unit for emergency treatment. It is reported that he is presently in stable condition.


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