Man's private part is attacked by a snake while he goes to toilet

- 5/26/2016
Toilet Horror: Snake bites man's private part as he sits on toilet
Man attacked by a snake in toilet
A man got the shock and pain of his life when he found himself in a bloody  battle of life and death with a massive snake. A four meter long phyton.

 Deadly snake attack 

It was early in the morning and the man, Atthaporn Boonmakchuay had just gone to relieve himself in the bathroom of his Thailand home, when he was attacked by a  snake; a phyton which slithered up through the sewer and into the toilet bowl to bite into his private part while he sat on the toilet.

The terrified 38 year old man had been sitting on his toilet when he felt a sharp pain on the tip of his private part.

He immediately reached down and was horrified when his hand closed over the head of a massive phyton.

He screamed and called out to his wife. And then began a deadly struggle with the snake which refused to release his member.

Man and snake fought and trashed in the tiny bathroom as blood splattered on walls and floor.

Feeling faint and with time running out, the man decided to try one last thing, to get rid of the determined reptile.

He asked his wife for a rope and used it to quickly tie the snakes head to the bathroom door.

And then he passed out.

According to reports from Thailand news, a fire crew was called in and they used hammers to shatter the toilet and capture the snake from the pipes underneath the family home in Thailand.

Atthaporn is said to be in hospital recovering from heavy blood loss and the shock of being attacked by a snake in his own bathroom.

He is said to be in stable condition.

The snake which is still alive had crawled up the sewer pipes and into Atthaporn toilet before the attack.

The reptile will later be released back into the wild.

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