Model accused of killing Millionaire boyfriend

- 5/25/2016

Model who shot millionaire ex boyfriend to death breaks down in court

Mayka Kukucova kills ex boyfriend Andrew bush

Mayka Kukucova, a former swimsuit model accused of killing her British ex-boyfriend in his own luxury villa in Spain has broken down in court.

Miss Kukucova broke down in tears and had to be removed from the courtroom in Malaga spain, after  experts displayed photos of the victims body to show how Millionaire Mr Bush had been shot thrice inside his own mansion in Costa del Sol.

Ms Kukucova is accused of Killing Millionaire Andrew Bush a jeweler and gold dealer from Bristol. He had been killed by the third bullet which hit him in the head.

In court, the police officer who found the body of the 48 year old businessman testified that on entering the villa, he found him “face down on the floor near the front door”.

“There was blood everywhere. A revolver was in his left hand.”

When giving her own account of the events, Ms Kukucova a 26-year-old former model from Slovakia who had dated Mr Bush until late 2013, testified to the court that she was at the villa picking up some belonging she had left behind, when Mr Bush returned home unexpectedly.

Swimsuit model shoots millionaire ex boyfriend

She claimed that a quarrel ensued, and he started to physically hurt her. He then threatened her with a gun  but the weapon fired as they struggled.

But experts say that apart from the gunshot wounds, there were no other physical signs that indicated a violent struggle.

The prosecutors say that Ms Kukucova being jealous of Mr Bush's new girlfriend, had waited for him with a loaded gun in his villa, had shot him when he arrived and placed the weapon in his hand to make it look like a suicide.

She had then gone outside and saw the new girlfriend sitting in the millionaire's Hummer.

Ms Kukucova had told her to get out of the car, after which she drove off in the Hummer.

She later abandoned the Hummer jeep and went to Madrid where she met her boyfriend.

They had taken a bus to France and then to Slovekia.

She finally gave herself up to the police there and was charged with with "intentional homicide "

She was extradicted to Spain and taken into custody.

The ex model is currently on trial but hasn't made a plea yet.

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