MR T reveals Just why Mohammed Ali is the greatest hero

- 5/30/2016

He's my hero: Mr T hails boxing legend Muhammed Ali as his inspiration 

Mr.T has revealed some amazing stuff about his time with boxing icon Muhammed Ali.
Mr T calls Muhammed  Ali his hero

For a time, while Ali was still actively boxing, Mr T had acted as his body guard,  and he has opened up saying that Ali was a real life super hero who would stop fights, and break up quarrels in dangerous neighborhoods.

When the jewelry wearing A-Team star spoke to TMZ,  this is what he had to say about the boxer and the man he still calls his hero.

"You'd see guys arguing on the corner, about to cut each other. He'd say, 'Hey hey!'

"The guys stopped fighting, and they say, 'It's the champ!' He'd say 'Break that up', and Ali was stop stuff!"

Mr T spoke about how much the legendary boxer Ali inspired him.

And confessed that when he himself  finally became a celebrity,  alot of what he did including PR, he learnt from Ali. He spoke of how much Ali inspired him.

"He's my hero" Mr T said of the boxing legend.

"He told me you gotta be different but

Before he became famous,  Mr T had acted as body guard to many top celebrities and the rich.

He says that his time with the three time heavyweight champion of the world was inspiring and he was glad he had an opportunity to body guard for Muhammed Ali.

The two men still remain friends today.


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