Piers Morgan interviews convicted Murderer Erin Caffey

- 5/02/2016
Piers Morgan interviews killer women
A murderer's interview by Piers Morgan: Erin Caffey was only 16 years old when she set out on a gruesome plan to murder her whole family.

As horrible as this sounds, her reason for plotting their deaths is even more shocking;
They told her she couldn't date her boyfriend anymore!

That's all it took for this teenager to carefully plot and execute her horrific plan, with devastating results.

Piers Morgan interviews most dangerous female killers

 serving double life sentences for the murder of her mother and two brothers. She had actually targeted her entire family, but fell short.

Journalist and former Britain's got talent judge Piers Morgan, who is making a documentary based on America's female murderers "Killer women", interviewed Erin Caffey in Prison. The presenter who is more used to interviewing celebs was taken into uncharted territory as he tried to navigate the dark minds of some of America's most deadly female killers.

In her spotless white prison issue overalls, the blond haired, blue eyed Erin was a picture of innocence.

But on the contrary, in 2008 Erin then 16, convinced her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson and his friend Charlse Wade to help her murder her entire family.

Her parents who were Christians, had told her that Wilkinson her boyfriend was a bad influence on her.
But rather than leave him, she had orchestrated a plan to wipe her family out.

While they slept, Wilkinson and Wade made their Way into the house and stabbed and shot Erin's mother.

Then they shot her brother, 13 year old Mathew in the head killing him instantly.
Erin Caffey kills family

The killers then searched for and found her youngest brother 8 year old Tyler hiding in the closet.
They took turns stabbing him to death.

They also shot Erin's father Terry 5 times, and set the house on fire.

Surprisingly, her father survived as he crawled away from the burning house to safety and contacted neighbors.

Today Erin has served only 8 years of two life sentences for butchering her family.

After the eerie interview, Piers Morgan who was clearly disconcerted by his encounter with the young killer, remarked that she was the most evil woman he had ever met.

The most shocking side to this story is that Erin's father has forgiven her.

He now visits her regularly in prison.

The interview will be featured on the TV documentary; Killer women with Piers Morgan.


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