Top 10 richest Musicians in the world: their networth 2016

- 5/12/2016

10 highest paid musicians in the world

Musicians, superstardom and bucket loads of money have always gone hand in hand.

The world is filled with thousands of singers trying to take their music to another level of super stardom and wealth. But a select number of talented musicians have actually succeeded in staking their place amongst the richest singers on the planet.

Here they are!

These are the top 10 richest musicians in the world in the year 2016.

Let's dive into the world of music's heavy hitters!

10. Mariah Carey - Networth $510 million.
Mariah Carey richest musicians

For nearly two decades Mariah Carey  has made headlines for all the right reasons and for some weird ones too.
But without a doubt, the cleavage baring star is one of the strongest performers in entertainment history.

9. Jay z - Networth $560 million.
Rapper and business mogul Jay-z is number 9 on the list of World's richest artistes in 2016.

It certainly took an empire state of mind for this multi-talented hip hop artiste to make that much money.
Having sold over a hundred million albums, and with his equally super successful wife Beyonce by his side, Jay-Z seems unstoppable.

8.  Bono - Networth $600 million.
Bono richest musician world

The U2 front man is a rock veteran with a flair for style, and he is one of the highest paid musicians in the world.

The Irish musician along with his band U2 have earned hundreds of millions of dollars from concerts and album sales.
Bono is the 8th wealthiest singer in the world.

7. Celine Dion - Networth $630 million.
Celine Dion Richest musicians 2016
With over 200 million albums sold and a networth to match, Canadian singer Celine Dion is truly a pop diva.

Although she is currently on an indefinite break from music, Celine Dion is sill one of the highest paid musicians in the world

The that's the way it is  singer continues to make piles of money every year, and she doesn't appear to be slowing down.

6. P.Diddy - Networth $700 million.
Rapper, entertainer, businessman and actor Sean "P Diddy" Combs is 6th on our list of top earning artistes on the planet.

The 46 year old rap star recently shocked the public by announcing that he will be retiring from music to face acting.

5.  Dr.Dre - Networth $780 million.
Genius rapper and producer Dre is the richest Hip hop musician in the world.

Although the rapper/producer has only recorded two solo albums in his entire career, he created  headphones
called beats which apple bought for $3 billion.

4.  Madonna - Networth $800 million.
       Madonna Networth
The "Material girl" is officially recognized as the number one touring female artiste in history.

Combined with her impressive acting career huge album sales and businesses, she has earned big and earned the number 4 spot on the list of top earning musicians in the world.

3. Herb Alpert - Networth $850 million.
Famed Singer and  trumpeter Herb Albert is a multiple Grammy award winner with several number one albums.
He has raked up impressive earnings through his unique style and has become one of the most sought after musicians on earth.

2. Paul McCartney - Networth $1.2 billion.
Paul McCartney richest musicians in the world

Remember the Beatles?  Sir Paul McCartney is the most financially successful Beatle of all time.

His solo career has also helped catapult him to billionaire status.
Paul McCartney is second on the list of Richest musicians in the world.

1.  Andrew Lloyd Webber -Networth $1.2 billion.
He is the king of musical theatre.
Singer/songwriter and composer Webber has created and composed some of the most celebrated musicals of all time. His credits include The Phantom of the opera and Evita. He has also co-written two songs for Elvis Presley.

Andrew Lloyd Webber ties with Sir Paul as the highest paid musicians in the world.

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