Top 5 highest grossing movies of all time

- 5/15/2016

It appears that "Star wars the force awakens" has beaten Avatar to second place as it demolished box office records to become the number one box office movie of all time in North America.
In Hollywood, It's top to get to the top—and even harder to stay there. So what are the highest grossing movies of all time when adjusted for inflation? The following list of movies will amaze the socks off you.
If you haven't seen some of them before then I advice you do so right now.
They are the real gems of Hollywood cinema.

When these top earning movies are adjusted for inflation, they are the biggest Biggest Hollywood box office movies of all time.

Here we go!

5 biggest Hollywood box office movies ever

5. Titanic - (1997)
Titanic highest grossing movies of all time
This Tragic- romance movie by Avatar director James Cameron and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, was for many years the top grossing movie in history.
This classic tragic love story stands at number five on our inflation adjusted list.

Adjusted gross: $1,129,857,100

Unadjusted box office: $658,672,302

4. E.T Extra-Terrestrial (1982) This is one of the most enduring movies in memory. An ever green classic by A-list Director Steven Spielberg. It tells a moving story of a boy who becomes friends with an alien who shows up in his neighborhood.

Adjusted gross: $1,183,065,200

Unadjusted gross: $435,110,554

3. The sound of Music (1965)
The sound of music highest grossing Hollywood musical
The most popular and most commercially successful Hollywood musical movie ever.
The sound of music took the world by storm and continues to do so even today.
It is 3rd on our list of biggest hollywood box office movies ever.
Starring The incomparable Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Adjusted gross: $1,187,744,200

Unadjusted gross: $158,671,368

2. Star Wars (1977)
Star wars highest grossing movie
George Lucas created the 2nd top earning movie of all time in the form of Hollywood box office hit Star wars. Subsequent successful series and high box office grosses has given the sci-fi  movie franchise a cult following.

Adjusted: $1,485,517,400

Unadjusted: $460,998,007

1. Gone with the wind (1939)
Gone with the wind biggest Hollywood box office movies
Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh teamed up in this American Civil war epic and produced pure magic that changed the face of movies forever, and gave us number one of the highest grossing movies in history.

Adjusted: $1,685,052,200

Unadjusted box office gross: $198,676,459

I'm sure we'll continue to enjoy these Top earning, ever green classics of Hollywood cinema for a long time to come.

Enjoy the pinnacle of movies now and always.
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