Woman arrested, spent $4.6million wrongfully transfered to her account

- 5/05/2016

Woman arrested at Sidney airport

Dishonest: Woman is arrested at Sidney airport after she spent most of $4.6 million

A young woman arrested at Sidney airport had spent millions of dollars on luxury goods and designer bags after $4.6million was mistakenly transferred to her bank account.

 The woman 21, had claimed that she didn't know the money had been wrongfully sent to her account.

Christine Jaixin Lee was a teenager of 17 when she received an overdraft of $4.6million in her Westpac bank account four years ago.

Being fully aware that it was an error, she didn't report it. Instead , over the course of four years, she went on a wild shopping spree of expensive luxury goods.

At the time of her arrest the woman had already spent $3.3 million of the money.

Over time the police had tried to make contact with Christine, a chemical Engineering student. But she had cunningly eluded them.

After obtaining an emergency Malaysian passport, she attempted to flee the country through Sidney airport, but was arrested by the Autrailian federal police before she could leave.

Christine Jiaxin Lee had failed to alert her bank or inform the police about the money. This act has been viewed as criminal by procecutors .

At Waverley Local Court on Thursday She was charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception.
She was also charged with knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

She now owes the bank $3.3 million.

After the hearing, Christine was granted a $1000 bail with the strict conditions that she would report to the police twice daily and will not be allowed into any exit points, including airports and ports.

The woman who has lived in Australia for five years and currently resides with her boyfriend, will have to appear in court on the 21 of this month.


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