Woman who stalked and shot ex-boyfriend 9 times denies crime

- 5/15/2016

Jealous woman Vegas Bray shoots ex-boyfriend to death 

Vegas Bray shoots ex-boyfriend Victor Saucedo

The woman Vegas Bray was serving in the US Navy when she met and fell "madly" in love with Victor Saucedo.

She believed she had found the "the man", but Victor Saucedo her boyfriend wasn’t convinced she was ‘the woman of his dreams"

When victor decided it was time for their romance to end, he didn't realize he had just made the gravest mistake of his life.

Vegas Bray 27, was not going to let him go.

Victor was a sailor, well liked by his friends who nicknamed him ‘Sauce’.

 Vegas liked him too. But in a totally different way.

Victor Saucedo 31, had a child from a previous relationship.
A seven year old boy whom he loved so much.

Vegas wasn't thrilled about the time Victor spent with the boy's mother.

Her jealous rage caused heated arguments between them and after they had dated for only a few months, Victor broke up with her.

And then began an obsession by Vegas for her ex that became increasingly intense.

She began by pleading with him to take her back, but when he refused, she became outraged.

By 2012, they had both resigned from the US Navy and Victor enrolled at a local university in the hopes of training to become a law enforcement officer.
Vegas took a job as a waitress at a club and began to stalk victor.

For a year she kept begging him for a second chance and he continued to turn her down.

Vegas Bray in court for shooting ex to death

She started vandalising his property.
She slashed his car tires, sprayed paint on his home and poured peanut butter on his front door.

He desperately tried to shake her off and even changed apartments, but she found him.

He reported the matter to the police but they told him that since she wasn't physically harming him they were powerless to help.

He told his friends about his ex stalking him, but they laughed it off.

When it became clear that she wouldn't stop, Victor decided that the only way was to give in to her demands.

He met with her and told her they could date again.

Vegas was overjoyed.

But when he made it clear to her that it was just as friends. "nothing serious"

Vegas left.

But she returned to his apartment the next day; with a loaded gun.

She shot Victor 9 times. After firing six times she had emptied the gun.
But then she paused, reloaded the revolver and shot him three more times.

Afterwards she called the police and told them he had committed suicide.

When the police arrived she led them to the body and that's when they discovered that something was amiss.

If he had committed suicide, how did he shoot himself 6 times, then pause to reload the weapon before shooting himself 3 more times?
 And the gun belonged to her.

Vegas was arrested.

When her time in court came, Vegas claimed she had blacked out at that moment, and that when she came to, she found victor dead.

She even screamed that she wouldn't go down for something she didn't remember doing.

After a medical examination that concluded that Vegas was mentally fit to stand trial, she returned to court and the jury found her guilty of first degree murder.

Vegas bray was sentenced to 50 years in prison for killing her ex- boyfriend.

From the beginning Victor didn't know he had just entered a relationship that he could only leave dead.

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