10 year old boy who weighs 420 pounds is put on crash diet to save his life

- 6/29/2016
Overweight 10 year old boy eats 5 meals a day and cannot walk on his own.
Arya Permana the obese 10 year old boy

The worried parents of a 10 year old boy who weighs 420 pounds (192 kg) has been forced to put him on a crash diet for quick weight loss, in order to save his life.

Arya Permana who weighs an incredible 192 Kg, reached his current size by gorging himself on food until he became obese.

Now his parents are desperately trying to save his life by putting him on a crash diet, so he doesn't die from obesity related diseases.

The overweight boy Arya is considered one biggest children on earth.

Because of his size he had to drop out of school and he cannot walk on his own.

Sadly at his age, he can only walk with help from others.
Parents of over weight 10 year old boy put him on crash diet

His weight gain was rapid and began at a the age of two. His parents noticed that he was much bigger than his siblings were at his age.

He now eats 5 meals a day. His meals consist mainly of rice, fish, vegetable soup and a soya meal called Tempeh.

It is reported that he eats meals that two hearty eating adults would normally consume.

His 35 year old mother complains  that she now fears for her son's life since his weight gain has not slowed down, but continues to increase.

She explained that Arya is always tired and suffers from shortness of breath.

He only eats, sleeps and spends about 3 hours in a bath everyday.

He is now so big that no clothes can be found to fit him and it now appears that only quick weight loss can save him from health hazards associated with obesity.

The fact that he is constantly hungry may be one of the biggest challenges the his parents might face in their desperate bid to help their overweight 10 year old boy lose weight, and live a normal life.

source photo: Mirror

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